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Applied Behavioural Science to Financial Services

We reshape financial products and services through consumer-centric data insights.


Behavioural Finance Consulting is a forward-thinking consultancy company specialised in applying behavioural insights and data analytics to the financial sector. We advise financial services providers in the design, development and reshaping of their products and services from a consumer-centric lens. Our mission is to equip the industry with solutions that foster sustainable business growth while promoting consumer wellbeing.

Through consumer data and behaviour, we deliver business insights and solutions that eliminate user barriers along the customer journey through user experience (UX) and interface design (UI). We enhance investment suitability and sustainability assessments using ground-breaking science-based methodologies. Additionally, we craft bespoke B2B and B2C communication strategies and content marketing designed to deeply resonate with your clients.

We change consumer behaviour in the world of finance


We apply scientific insights to pinpoint the motivations and obstacles that influence users’ adoption and engagement with financial products, services, and digital platforms.

Product Design & Development

Harnessing our expertise in customer journey analysis, we optimise customer interaction and behaviour with financial services.

Audit & Assessment

We conduct rigorous science-backed and data-driven testing to provide robust financial performance and behavioural insights.

Communication & Marketing

We incorporate behavioural science principles into communication and content marketing strategies to ensure effective campaigns.

We provide evidence-based and
data-driven solutions



We focus on accelerating the transformation of internal business processes, optimising workflows, and maximising responsible and sustainable practices. Our efforts foster innovation, drive transparency, enhance brand visibility, and bolster reputation, allowing our clients to stand out amid competition.

Products & Services

Our insights into consumer behaviour drive a better understanding of financial services and foster deeper engagement, promoting sustainable financial habits. From the perspective of product and service development, we tailor your offerings to ensure scalability, growth, reliability, and consistency.

Practitioners & Teams

We implement solutions to improve the performance of practitioners and teams. By equipping experts with a deep understanding of consumer psychology, we empower them to consolidate communication, strengthening trust in the client-adviser relationship, advice, and services.


We enhance financial literacy among customers, encouraging sustainable monetary practices and wellbeing. By identifying consumer pain points and motivations, we optimise segmentation, tailor communication strategies, and create actionable insights that ultimately empower consumers to take control of their financial futures.


We enable advisory and services providers to design, adapt, and enhance financial products and services with a consumer-focused approach to ensure ongoing business transformation and growth.

We transform business through a customer-focused approach​

Case Studies

In an era marked by transformational changes in the financial industry, the global marketplace demands products and services that not only meet current customer needs, but also anticipate future requirements and adjust to new global trends and opportunities. To stand out in this dynamic landscape, companies must make informed decisions and adapt their offerings to take advantage of evolving patterns and challenges.

Discover how we navigate these challenges and help businesses flourish.


We are an international team of renowned experts with a diverse background, spanning behavioural science, psychology, service design, sustainable development, IT engineering and data science. Our mission is to promote financial wellbeing by enhancing both consumer behaviour and financial services. We provide unparalleled expertise and insights, ensuring the success of our clients in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Dr. Ariel S. Cecchi

Behavioural Finance Consulting
Founder & Managing Director

Alejandra Ramirez

Behavioural Finance Consulting
Head of Strategy & Business Development

Prof. Dario Krpan

LSE, United Kingdom
Strategic and Behavioural Advisor

Dr. Daryl L. Foy

McKenzie Foy Health Limited, New Zealand
Strategic and Behavioural Advisor

Prof. Emmanuel Fragnière

HES-SO, Switzerland
Design and Innovation Advisor

Prof. Jairo Lozano

UAO, Colombia
Sustainability Advisor

Prof. Jean-Christophe Loubier

HES-SO, Switzerland
Data Analytics Advisor

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